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"Every good design begins with an even better story." -Lorinda Mamo

Sewing Machine

If transportation was ever an issue the “go to” was, find your BROOM! A phrase that always gave us a chuckle and a reminder of our love of the movie, The Wizard of Oz, and what particularly important tool the broom is! When starting our business, it seemed appropriate to call ourselves the Broom Riders. After all, we do represent at times. Our journey into quilting started thanks to our (Great) Aunt. We were always blessed when visiting to admire her latest quilt projects and to experience how inventive she was with colors and her designs. To see the beautiful applique and skilled hand work be stitched into pieces of art. She then continued to bless us with gifts of beautiful labor of love…her quilts. We cherish each of those gifts of love. Sewing had been an expression of creativity and release of stress. Whether dresses, pillows, chair covers or the small quilt project for gifts. But when the time came to make a “real” quilt it required a call to Aunty for the lesson. Cheryl has always been a bit of a seamstress, sewing holiday dresses for her girls during their childhood, and only daubed with quilting a few times. Crysta was given a sewing machine as a Christmas present her sophomore year of college and decided to make a quilt under her Great Aunt’s watchful eye and wise guidance. So, when did the quilting really start? It was when Crysta entered the nursing program at Walla Walla Community College and used quilt making as a stress relief from school. For Cheryl it was when she decided to make a quilt for her parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. They tackled the project together and were bitten by the quilting bug. As we continued to quilt and as we began to share the “ride” with others including Grandma, who received the anniversary quilt, we decide to get a long arm to complete the journey of quilting from start to finish. The beautiful labor of love each customer puts into their quilts gives Broom Rider Quilting great joy and honor to complete the ride with love.

Our Story: About Us
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